Tomatoes, Green Beans & Nasturtiums... Oh My!

As you can probably guess by the title, we have a lot of activity going on in our garden right now. New tomatoes are coming ripe daily, the nasturtiums are in full bloom, and we took in our first harvest of bush beans today! Yum! We also have watermelons and cucumbers working on growing, and tons more tomatoes and beans yet to come! The carrots are getting big, though I've been advised to leave them in the ground until the ground is starting to freeze to get the sweetest possible harvest, so wait we shall! I'm really excited about how our 4 interesting and different varieties of heirloom tomatoes are coming along. The smaller, cherry style tomatoes are mass producers and ripening quickly, the medium sized come more slowly, and the super exciting giant heirloom tomatoes are still very green and getting *gulp!* bigger! :) But don't take my word for it, check them out for yourself:

I am putting the finishing touches on a custom order this evening. I'll post a little sneak peak of the peasant dress. Also included in the order are a sweet ruffled baby bonnet, bloomers and a crochet headband, all made to coordinate with the dress, but surely cute enough to stand on their own! I love, love, love this Ice Cream Dream (this is my own name for it!) fabric it just screams summer! Once my current customs are completed, I've had a personal request to make some new shorts for the little man in my life, so you may see those on here soon! I also have some fun ideas for the shop I'm playing around with. Lots to do!! :)

P.S. Hubby's Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream Cake came out great! I'll try to post a couple recipes soon, but time constraints have kept me away from the computer lately. Soon! I promise... Thanks for stopping by!!!


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