Thursday, August 23, 2012

Zoie's Day with Daddy & Diaper Cream Recipe!

My husband got to spend his day off yesterday driving almost 4 hours each way to pick up a vehicle for one of his customers. Since I have a number of orders to fill this week we decided that he would bring newly 3, and full of life's exuberance, Zoie along for the ride. She has been anxiously awaiting her third birthday so that she too can go to work with Daddy, just like Evan has. In reality, she'd be a challenge there, but safely buckled into her carseat... The rest was history! :-) I was instructed to get a lot done on my one third (aka minus one kid) day off - which I did! She got to feel special, which can be a challenge for the middle child! I also received some very cute pictures of their adventures, of which I'll share my favorites! :-)

In keeping with my highly productive day, a promised recipe finally made and photographed! We've been fighting a bad diaper rash around here off and on this summer, which has been a consistent summer problem for us, and so nakedness has been a common site around the house! While I am in the midst of trying to repeatedly strip our diapers (we use cloth) to remove the almost 3 years of hard water residual yuck (whew! So very happy we have a water softener here!) we have been going through massive quantities of our Homemade Diaper Rash Cream, which really, really helps. It offers an all-natural barrier and has not caused any repelling issues for us. I've been using this for over 2 years now. Original recipe is from Passionate Homemaking and you can find it here: Here's our version perfected over the last 2 years:

Ingredients: (This makes enough to fill my three, 4 oz. containers)
3/4 cup Shea Butter*
1/3 cup Coconut Oil**
1/4 - 1/2 cup Arrowroot Powder for thickening (use more in warm weather/climates)***
20-30 drops of the Essential oils of your choice (this can be left out for a sensitive version!) ****

1. Combine Shea Butter and Coconut Oil and blend together until smooth with a hand mixer
2. Add 1/4 cup of Arrowroot Powder and mix gently (I switch to hand mixing from here on out to avoid powder going everywhere!)
3. Add additional Arrowroot powder one tablespoon at a time to achieve desired consistency (you may have to perform some trial & error with this)
4. Add essential oils of your choice & mix well. I use 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil for anti-fungal and 10 drops of Lavender EO for anti-viral.
5. Add to container(s) of your choice for storage & you are done! I keep to by the changing table and one in our diaper bag and use a small amount with each diaper change. Works beautifully for us!

* We buy this at our co-op in bulk, but you can also find it on amazon
** I use Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade Organic Whole Kernel Unrefined which again comes from our co-op, but you may be able to find another brand in your local grocery natural section, most important is to buy Unrefined which means no chemicals were used for extraction of the oils!
*** We use Bob's Red Mill from our co-op of course ;-) this is a common place item that can be purchased online from amazon or the like. I highly recommend Arrowroot powder as a natural thickener, however cornstarch can be substituted in a pinch. Please be advised that cornstarch is typically a GMO product. For more information on GMOs read these:
**** Aura Cacia has great quality essential oils and a good information directory here:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Just a Quickie! ;-)

I've been neglectful! *hangs head in shame* but busy! I finished a large custom order and 2 other custom orders as well! We had Zoie's third Birthday party! I've selected a WONDERFUL curriculum for this upcoming homeschool year and *agonized* about whether to go with Kindergarten so as not to miss anything or jump into First Grade which I truly believe is the better match... Let's not forget that life as we know it still chugs along even if we're hanging on and trying to just keep up! :-)

I'm really excited about getting some new clothing and wool items into the shop as we enter "Indian Summer" and can sense that fall is approaching. It amuses me a little to plan a "Back to School" section for my shop as life is our year round school here, but still we are the minority! Homeschooling was featured in the latest issue of Kiwi magazine though which stated that we are 2 million strong - Wow! That does make me feel a little more mainstream... Speaking of school, I'll gladly post a link to our curriculum source (no affiliation here just a LOVE for their Waldorf-esque approach!) Oak Meadow and share that I was uncertain about delving into a curriculum as I feel a strong affinity for the unschooling movement. I decided in discussion with my husband, however, that we both feel starting with some level of structure will be a good and needed distinction for all of us and help to keep us on track to our destination. This curriculum is truly a match to my heart and what I would pick if I were to design one for us myself. I love that they are taking some of the work out of this for me! They are nature and art focused and use a story telling approach for many subjects. I know that this will really capture my littles and am excited to get started!

I'm working on a couple of fun items for my almost 3 year old girl's upcoming birthday, who's party preceded her actual day of birth, much like her estimated due date preceded her actual birth date by about a week! I will post some picture once my works in progress begin to resemble their ultimate form more and their initial source less! ;-) In the meantime you will just have to suffice yourselves with a share of our wonderful, recent custom orders (I adore them so!) and appreciate them endlessly!! :-)

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit! We'll be back soon with lots more fun... I promise!!