I am up far too late as is typical these days, poignant I suppose for a first blog entry to be written at such a late hour. I often find myself trying to do too much with too little time, but aiming big allows me to accomplish something and we've all learned to be more realistic about what we can truly accomplish.

This has been a year of great changes for us as I altered my previous life path from that of a reluctant nursing student pursuing a path I chose several years (and a lifetime of changes!) ago to that of a Homeschooling (new), Hobby Farming (new), Homemaking (not so new), Etsy-an (very new). We bought our first home which we are hoping to (slowly) transform into a small (4.5 acres) hobby farm over the next several years (as long as it takes!)... 

What am I hoping to accomplish here? Aside from rambling about my life and my children, who are not my intentional subject matter necessarily - but almost impossible to sidestep - I hope to share my journey toward a more intentional life. I want to talk about our attempts and failures to live a greener life in every way possible, about homeschooling, our leanings toward natural and attachment parenting practices (here we go again!) and what that means to us, hobby farming & homesteading (slowly, slowly - I am still learning!), making Real Food (and my shame when I don't!), about sewing, crocheting, and creating Art (I think that needed to be capitalized... Or crafting?) for myself, my Etsy shop & with those darn kids I can't seem to stop talking about! We might even delve into my serious abuse of the parentheses in this post! ;-) 

We'll start with schooling since it's on my mind... My oldest is now five and a half years and officially entering the realm of kindergarten age and I have now come to the point where I have the *ahem* privilege of attempting to explain that he will not be entering school in the fall and "why" as well as trying to educate others about what homeschooling is to us (? we're still figuring this out!) While this is very fun for me and not at all nerve wracking (read sarcasm here!) it does help me to clarify what it is I am attempting to accomplish with this apparent feat (quality, customized, enjoyable, Real Life education for my children) and what I am not (trying to change the system, be different, hide my children away from the world, or whatever else people think but rarely say aloud...) in any way aiming for with this journey. I also have a confession to make... I'm hoping to learn a lot as we go along too! 

Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to share your thoughts, questions or experiences!


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