This week...

Here we are again. It has been another busy week of trying to do homeschool, keep shop and some mad cleaning today (mostly by my husband <3 him!) and laundry... Oh the laundry! How does it increase so rapidly and do we really have that much clothing??? Yes and yes, and I'll leave it at that!

Fun things we have done this week include a trip to the Minnesota Children's Museum with Grandma. A new Dora and Diego exhibit there was a big hit with my girls, Evan loves the science and nature exhibits, and the water play was a HUGE hit with everybody! :-) All in all not a bad trip and somewhere fun and safe to run off all that energy when it has been FREEZING here with highs barely making it to zero F some days. Those are the days that make this Mama long for spring!

Evan has been learning to crochet under my tutelage, which he seems to enjoy. It can be a frustrating process when you are first learning, but he's taking it in-stride quite well! So far he has learned to chain and single crochet. He is of course making some very ambitious plans as to what he will create with his new skill! I am searching out some nice small and simple projects for him, as I know how nice it is to be working to create an actual "something" as you are learning and practicing new stitches. He is a good and eager student with whom I may soon be sharing my shop if he has his way!! ;-)

As for myself, I am trying to get ahead of the game and working swiftly to post Valentine's Day items, while the rest of my brain is humming with ideas for spring. I have some fun ideas in the works, some purchased patterns I am excited to try out and some of my own creating to do as well! Hoping to have a fun crochet spring/Easter bonnet to debut in the shop soon, my own design. 

As always, I'd love to hear from you! What did you do this past week and what are you looking forward to in the next week and new month?


  1. Super cute pics of the Children's Museum! I think grandma had a good time too :) That's awesome that Evan is learning to crochet. What creations of his should we expect to see on Green Fox Farms first? Can't wait to see what items you'll have out for Valentine's Day!


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