Green Fox Farms One Year Anniversary Giveaway & Sale-a-bration!

Hello world!

I have been sadly absent these last few months, busy with life amongst three active kids and running my Etsy shop. :-) I made the decision to invest in a DSLR camera a couple months ago and have been diving into photography and learning how to use this complex and amazing machine! More gorgeous pictures are promised soon! I have also been working very hard on expanding our garden to double the size this year and trying to cook wholesome real, whole foods meals from scratch for these adorable faces.

Meal planning does NOT come naturally to me, nor does the organization required. I kid you not that this has "eaten" up a lot of my time and yes, that pun was intended! I am happy to say that we have gotten into a rhythm with this and though slip ups happen (are are likely to continue with our busy summer schedule!) I have been able to keep on track quite nicely. I will graciously credit with aiding me greatly on this journey. It is a comprehensive recipe storage and meal planning site that is both quick and easy to use! They have a great system set up that allows you to easily copy recipes from websites and even blogs. You can also type up recipes from your favorite cookbooks too, which I have done for some of my favorites. Meal planning is a breeze too as you can queue your recipes then drag and drop them onto the day of your choice. I can easily plan 2 weeks of meals before we make a shopping trip in 15 minutes, and it will generate an editable shopping list based on the dates of my choice! :-)  (That smile is because grocery lists are the other bane of my existence, true story!)

We are officially unschooling for now, having a Waldorf curriculum to pull from as we desire (especially the stories!) but mainly following each child's interests wherever they lead. This is working very well for now, and I am interested to see how having many mornings filled with summer activities will affect our learning style. We will see very soon as tennis starts on Tuesday! ;-)

So as I mentioned early my Etsy Shop Green Fox Farms has been keeping me wonderfully busy. I have been adding a few new things here and there but mostly just taking care of orders as they arrive. I am excited to announce that Saturday, June 15 marks the One Year Anniversary of my shop opening! To celebrate I am offering a discount code in the shop all week and a giveaway on my Facebook Page! I am adding a copy of the Rafflecopter giveaway to the bottom of the page here as well. There is a Facebook Giveaway Album that has pictures and details about the prizes you can win! You are welcome to enter however you prefer! :-) The giveaway will end Saturday at midnight and the winners will be announced here, on my Facebook Page and in the Facebook Giveaway Album. Winners should contact me via my blog or Facebook to claim their prizes.

The sale code GFF1YEAR will provide a 25% discount. Coupon is good through Sunday, June 16th.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you join in the fun. Please share your thoughts. I'd love to read them!! :-)

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